Bongo meaning Homeland in Bengali language is a bespoke style of tattooing invented and practiced by Obi .

It is inspired by different forms of art in a variety of mediums that are popular in West Bengal and neighboring states and villages in India .

Obi also cites big Japanese bodysuits as inspiration while composing his Bongo style pieces and aims to present to the world , the first and only indigenous contemporary Indian tattoo template.

Similar to Japanese tattooing , Bongo style draws inspiration and reference from woodblock prints, lithographs, rural wall and pottery paintings, Alpana [ designs and patterns drawn on the ground to mark various religious and cultural festivities ] , Patachitra [ traditional textile based scroll painting ], Sara [ritual pot ] paintings . Using elements from these various sources Obi s work aims to bring forth the way of life of his homeland and its various nuances. His tattoos often depict Mythological beings , nature and animals often engaged either in conflict or coexistence – which according to him shows the balance of life.
He aims to create a substantial body of work in this particular style and promote the cultural richness and diversity of his Homeland [Bongo].